Project Description

Motion Graphics: Sinaloa Cartel, the power of cocaine

The second part of Clandestino has been broadcast on Discovery Channel both in Spain and United States. Directed and presented by David Beriain, produced by 93 Metros and 7yAction for Discovery Max, the second part of the season starts with a three-chapter immersion in the Sinaloa cartel, the most dangerous criminal organization on the planet.

In our commitment to strengthen the television series with quality digital content, we have developed a series of videographers that contextualize each of the episodes. They are the result of combining research, data and unpublished material, all guided by David Beriain himself.

In this second video we will analyze why, although the Sinaloa Cartel deals with other drugs, cocaine is the real key to its power, size and fortune. Although it is the only drug that they do not harvest or manufacture in Mexico, they control its passage from producing countries to the United States.

CategoryNew Formats
Cliente DMAX
Year 2018