We are experts in finding and telling great stories that reflect the most radical, intense and exciting reality.

At 93 metros we think that information is much more than just a product. We believe in the power of stories and in the respect of their characters. We think that these stories are everywhere and they all deserve to be told with tenderness, dedication and accuracy. In middle of the war in Afghanistan or just round the corner. We give all we have got to capture life with all its intensity.

We are experts in the most difficult environments, in the most inaccessible characters and in opening up the tightest hearts. We have managed to get to the Talibans, we have been in the FARC camps, we have entered the underground world of young assassins, interviewing African guerrilla groups, we have been in Congo’s blood mines and in some of the worst wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But also here, in front of our house, we have had the privilege to give testimony of the origin of the 15-M movement or the daily fight of the Galician barnacle fishermen.

We are proud of our capacity to access places and situations that others only talk about, but even more of our capacity to listen, to extract from each person and each story the deepest, most radical and most emotional truth. Because we believe that human emotions and passions are also information. We believe that they are the power that moves the world.

Our services

Our territory is reality, the most radical, intense and exciting field of play that a story-teller can find. As that reality is expressed in many different manners, we believe that modern narration and journalism also should be. That is why we have adapted to all possible supports. Imagining, innovating, creating new narratives to tell stories that matter, that touch us.


Our experts


Reporter specialized in armed conflict, violence and immersive journalism . Founding director of 93 Metros. Host and director of ‘Clandestino’, ‘The Lost Army of the CIA’, ‘Life in flames’, ‘Amazonas Clandestino’ or ‘Yasuní, Genocide in the Jungle’. He has also served as executive producer of series like ‘Estrecho’ and ‘El Palmar de Troya’.


Director and founding journalist of 93 Metros, he has 20 years of experience in the production of videos for media, television and brands. Among the projects he has directed is ‘La Plaza’, ‘800,000’, ‘Running, the great obsession’, ‘Binary’ and ‘The Agency’.


He combines his interest On the audiovisual sector, with his activity as a consultant for the energy industry. In 2012, he joins Adriano Morán and David Beriain to found 93 Metros and since then, he passionately participates in the development of new projects, especially in the field of fiction.


Executive Producer of 93 Metros. She has specialized in the international distribution of content for television and cinema and has extensive experience in marketing and communication.


Journalist with more than 20 years of experience in television. In 2017, she joined 93 Metros as Content Director. Here she alternates tasks as head of the strategy department and new projects with the executive production of national and international productions such as ‘El Palmar de Troya’, ‘Espías’ or ‘Clandestino España’. She has also directed ‘The Quest’ and ‘Estrecho’. Before joining 93 Metros, she worked at Warner Bros. ITP, Eyeworks TV, or Bambú Producciones.


Filmmaker and video editor, his professional career has focused on audiovisual journalism, where he has experimented with new techniques and formats such as 360VR video, infographic animation or 3D. He has also participated in fiction projects and webseries. Part of 93 Metros since its foundation, he has produced and edited a dozen documentaries and has directed projects such as “Binary” and “The Agency”.


Editor and scriptwriter at 93 Metros since its inception, he has co-directed feature films such as ‘Hmong, the invisible army of the CIA’ and ‘Latinos on death row’. His hand is behind the fast-paced scripts of ‘Clandestino’, the successful documentary series that is already a brand of the house. The two pillars of this lovefor this profession are the strength of the team and the generosity of the people who tell us their stories.


Journalist, economist and anthropologist. Since 2013 he works as head of research at 93 Metros, responsible for the creation of content, research and field production of projects such as ‘Clandestino’, ‘Estrecho’, ’Yasuní’ or ‘Espías’. He also participates on the creation and development of new documentary formats.


She is a journalist with legal training. She landed at 93 Metros in 2015 and since then, she has had the opportunity to do everything: from script to field production, from data journalism to branded-content. She integrates the research and content team and has been part of projects such as ‘800,000’, ‘Binario’, ‘Clandestino’ or ‘El Palmar de Troya’.


In 93 Metros she is Controller and Production Coordinator. His professional career has been linked to the Financial Department of several multinationals, including PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Deloitte. She has a degree in Economics and a Master in International Development Cooperation.


He joined 93 Metros in 2015 after several years working on live shows, fiction and video clips. Here he has worked as a logger and production assistant in documentary series such as ‘Clandestino’, ‘The Search’, ‘The market of innocence’, ‘Latinos on death row’ or ‘The Agency’.


Post-production coordinator, she has been dedicated to her passion for almost two decades: television, the profession she fell in love with since she can remember. She has been in 93 meters since 2015 and feels fortunate to be able to work together with a multidisciplinary team, which requires her to constantly reinvent, renew and innovate.


Computer engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence, he has worked on the creation of technological projects from hardware programming to the creation of mobile apps or the development of web-related technologies for international clients. In 93 Metros he enjoys telling stories through the design, creation of interactive web and data visualization, and offering technological solutions for everything.


His work covers a wide range of interests, from journalistic and documentary video to video installation or experimental video pieces with unusual audiovisual formats such as circuit bending techniques. As a musician he has made soundtracks for documentaries, fiction, radio and performing arts.


Goya Awards

The documentary Sea Bites –   Percebeirosreceives a nomination for the 2012 Goya awards.

RealScreen Award

The documentary “Amazonas Clandestino” receives a nomination to the Real Screen Awards in the category of Best Current Affairs Program in the world.

Noida International Film Festival

The documentary “Amazonas. The way of cocaine” receives the prize for the best documentary work in the 3rd edition of the Noida International Film Festival.

Sunny Side of the Doc

The documentary “Life on Flames” receives the Grand Jury Prize for the twenty-fifth edition of the Sunny Side of the Doc in 2014.

Digital Journalism Awards

“800,000” is a finalist along with four other works in the category Data visualization of the year (small copy) in the Digital Journalism Awards of GEN (Global Editors Network).

Impact DOCS Awards

The documentary “The lost army of the CIA”, winner of an “Award of Excellence” at the Impact DOCS Awards.

Digital Journalism Awards

The 800,000 project is a finalist, along with four other works, in the category Data visualization of the year in the Digital Journalism Awards of GEN (Global Editors Network).

The Communicators Awards

The special “Bezoya, the journey of water” receives a Silver Medal in the category of online video, web series.

The Communicators Awards

The project “Communicate – Talk. The reputation in today’s society ”receives a Silver Medal in the category of online advertising & marketing, video.

Festival CINESUL

The documentary “La Plaza, the gestation of 15M” receives an honorable mention at the CINESUL festival, Official Selection of the Human Rights Festival Paris, Strasbourg / Official Selection Annecy, Cinespaña.

Premio José Manuel Porquet

David Beriain receives an award for his report “Ten days with the FARC” / Finalist of the Bayeux prize of Normandy, for the same series of reports.

Premios SND

Adriano Morán receives the SND Award of Excellence for his ONCE series Gigapan / Tiflos of Digital Journalism for the web documentary ‘The world in three senses’ / Boehringer Prize for Medical Journalism for the web documentary ‘The evil of the brain’ / GEN Awards finalist


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