Project Description

The Agency

EFE Agency has relied on 93 Metros for the production of the documentary LA AGENCIA -The Agency-. This product, developed to be the main axis of the celebration of its 80th anniversary of the agency, is completed with a series of eight independent episodes that have been released throughout 2019.

With the premise “EFE is always there”, we have traveled to some of the main informative points all over the planet to show the daily life of their correspondents in the field. Mexico, Chile, New York, Congo, China, Libya … Eight destinations linked to major global issues such as migratory crisis, glacial melting, epidemics in Africa or war conflicts in the Middle East. In all of them, the common thread is truthful and quality information.

‘The Agency’ show us the work of the agency journalists in a profession increasingly polluted by opinion and fake news. international agencies are one of the last citadels of rigor and objectivity when it comes to reporting. It is an ungrateful work, away from the spotlights. Enrique Rubio, delegate of EFE in Paris, summarizes the job in a very graphic way: “We are the miners of information, those who extract the precious stones so that other journalists set necklaces or earrings”.

93 Metros has tried to make a portrait of the agency on the occasion of its 80th anniversary and at the same time a picture of our world nowadays. This documentary is possible only thanks to an extensive network of information and people who know how to put it in context.

‘The Agency’ has premiered at SEMINCI in Valladolid on October 26 and the documentary pills are shown at

Category Documentary
Client EFE Spain
Year 2019