Project Description

Latinos on death row

After successfully premiering in the United States and Latin America, the last two 93 Metros productions arrive on Spanish screens through DMAX. The first one, ‘Latinos on death row’, talks about a shocking reality: Hispanics represent more than 13% of the population sentenced to death in the United States. Beriain gives voice to these numbers through the case of Juan Balderas, who was sentenced to death in 2014 after being identified by a witness among a series of somewhat biased photographs. Several experts agreed that the process was full of irregularities and Balderas was unfairly condemned. Now, he adds 12 years of imprisonment awaiting for justice and risks everything in his appeal to the court. Maybe, his last chance.

However, Juan’s story would be meaningless without his lifelong girlfriend, Yancy, whom he married after being held. Yancy decided to study law to defend her husband and other people who face the death penalty in Texas.

Through the eyes of Beriain, we will know the love story of Yancy and Juan, the vivid image of hope in an underworld of inhumanity and discouragement. In this chilling and provocative one-hour special, it will be Yancy herself who will guide us through the sewers of the American criminal system.

Category Documentary
Client Discovery Max

Year 2019