Project Description

Hmong,The Lost Army of the CIA

David Beriain returns to the big screen with his second documentary, an epic story in which he tries to discover if it is true that nowadays, 41 years after the official end of the Vietnam War, there are still those who fight and die in that conflict. Directed by Beriain himself and Fernando Ureña, The Lost Army of the CIA is a production of 93 meters and 7yAction for Discovery MAX.

History has pointed April 30, 1975 as the end of the Vietnam war, a conflict in which around one million combatants and two and a half million civilian died. But what if someone told you that this war is not over? What would you think if they told you that there are still those who continue fighting and dying in a conflict closed more than forty years ago?

The Lost Army of the CIA embarks on an epic journey to answer these questions. A trip that goes into the jungles of Southeast Asia to find what can be left of a ghost army that the CIA hired to fight communism in the sixties and seventies.

This is the culmination of a project that began to take shape six years ago, when Beriain first heard about the Hmong, a tribe in the mountains of Laos that had been recruited by the CIA to fight their war against communism in Southeast Asia. “There were some short reports on the subject, but there was no complete story, a narrative about what happened to that town and what continues to happen today. A project that could tell the extraordinary tragedy of the Hmong, that speaks so much of how the world in which we live today has been forged. Thanks to the unconditional support of Discovery MAX, we were able to carry it out”, says Beriain.

Category Documentary
Client DMAX

Year 2018