Project Description

Yasuni, genocide in the jungle

This was the first one-off produced by 93 Metros. It is a documentary for Discovery Max Spain that aired on June 9, 2014. About Yasuni, David Beriain says: “More than three years ago I began to fantasize about the idea of a series of documentaries that could move the viewer to one of the most fascinating territories on the planet. A series that would allow us to spend time in each story, with the opportunity to sit down and listen and try to understand, with the means to get where you have to get and be able to narrate each story with all its intensity. A series that honored the best tradition of reporting. Yasuni means all of that for us, and leads the way we want to follow when we created 93 Metros”.

Dirección: David Beriain
Guión: Jorge Laplace
Director de fotografía: Sergio Caro
Dirección de producción: Delia Blesa
Subdirección/realización: Jorge Fernández
Segundo cámara: Migueltxo Molina
Edición: Álvaro Ayala
Producción: Arantza González-Boza
Producción de contenidos: Pablo García-Inés

Category Documentary
Client DMAX

Year 2014