Project Description

Running, the great obsession

It has been a while since running has ceased to be just a sport to become a planetary phenomenon. Some people run to feel good, to forget problems or just for leisure. But there are also those who run for another reason: those fleeing from themselves. The addiction to ‘running’ has gone from being an anecdote to exist as a clinical pathology: around 75,000 Spaniards are currently in danger of serious and disabling injury. There is even a risk of losing their own lives giving them every day, kilometer to kilometer, to the cruelest dictator there is: themselves.

‘Running, the great obsession‘ embarks on a scientific and emotional journey to understand this phenomenon. Directed by Adriano Morán and produced by El Confidencial and 93 Metros for Atresmedia, it premieres at MEGA on Saturday, October 2016. It is one of the first co-productions between digital and television media in Spain. In a unique type of co-production, the documentary also has a web page of additional content that includes unpublished material, data visualizations and even a test for the reader to examine his or her level of addiction to sports.
This is the fifth documentary film by the producer 93 Meters since its founding in 2012, and the first directed by Adriano Morán for television. Morán, who had the original idea of ​​the project, comments: “It all started when, at 30, I noticed that people around me started running. Many did it in a healthy way, but others trained with almost professional schedules and Spartan diets. I also noticed that, when I stopped playing sports, my mood changed”. Apart from the obvious main characters, the runners, there are professionals such as the athlete Martín Fiz or the international expert in sports addiction Attila Szabo.

Category Documentary
Client El Confidencial

Year 2016