Project Description

Amazonas, the way of cocaine

Amazonas, the cocaine path is a documentary film directed by the journalist David Beriain. Filmed in 2014 in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, it is a journey through the Amazon rainforests to meet the men who nourish the world with cocaine. Drug trafficking as you’ve never seen it.
It all starts in a Peruvian valley, hidden between the foothills of the Andes and the first rivers that give life to the Amazon. Far away from everything and everyone, there is a business that moves more money than countries like Norway and Denmark and kills more people than most wars. This Peruvian valley has become the world’s main barn for cocaine trafficking, where 20% of world production is concentrated. In that territory without law starts Amazonas, the cocaine path, the new documentary film by David Beriain produced by 93Metros, 7yAcción and La Claqueta in collaboration with Veo Televisión for Discovery MAX.
Beriain travels to the most remote and inaccessible places in the Amazon to understand how the most profitable business in the world works. A trip that follows a clandestine path, jumping from country to country to meet growers, distributors, chemists, mules, hitmen, narco-pilots and bonnets involved in the drug trafficking, and the security forces fighting to fight it.
We see how the drug is grown, how it is processed, how it crosses borders, who it feeds, who corrupts, who kills and dies for it. But above all we know the human side of the men involved in the process, an intimate portrait to know who they are and why they do what they do. A trip to the world of narco beyond the stereotypes created by film and television.

Category Documentary
Client 93 Metros

Year 2015