Project Description



We strongly believe that media play an important role in suicide prevention. Informing responsibly about the issue and raising awareness were our objectives when we decided to develop this interactive documentary.
800.000 revolves around two main axes: a long 42-minutes video and a website presenting the conclusions of our data analysis around the six myths surrounding suicide (silence, age, poverty, gender, mental disorders and climate). We have done a fact-check on every popular belief about suicide accompanied by comprehensive data visualizations in an accessible but still rigorous language.

Does talking about suicide cause more death? How decisive is the weather? Is suicide a problem affecting more men than women? More old people than young people? More rich countries than poor ones?
We collected and analyzed dozens of public and private sources, both national and international databases. Moreover, we have talked victims and survivors: people who at some point tried to end his life and survivors who lost someone close -a husband, a son- who do not succeed. They show their faces in order to break the stigma and help others. We have interviewed the WHO’s leading experts on suicide prevention, but we have also talked with medical professionals and social workers who deal with patients with suicidal ideation daily.
In order to provide a whole consistency to 800.000, we have developed an index which allows the user to navigate between documentary and data. This innovation blends the video and the data presenting a lot of information from different sources in an organized, intuitional manner.

Category Documentary
Client El Español

Year 2015