Project Description

The Estrecho of Gibraltar is one of the hottest spots on the planet. In this corridor of just 14 kilometers, all kinds of illegal traffic are found, from drugs, weapons or tobacco to human trafficking.
Today it is also one of the hottest points in Spain. The new bosses have lost their fear of authority unloading bales of hashish on the beach in broad daylight or even ramming cars and boats of the State’s security forces. At the beginning of the year, about twenty collaborators took a narco who had been arrested after an accident from the Emergency Hospital of the Line of the Conception. Unemployment, located at almost 40%, has led some 3,000 people to live on drug trafficking in this area.

“Estrecho” (Strait), a documentary series hosted by Antonio García Ferreras, is an epic journey through our southern border and one of its most clandestine activities at a key moment in the area. Over two episodes, the viewer will be immersed in one of those organizations that control drug trafficking to learn how they work inside.
In this documentary, produced by Newtral and 93 Metros for La Sexta, the viewer will witness the entire chain: from the plantations of Morocco to the sale of hashish in European territory. Who cultivates it? Who transports it? Who stores it? Who makes money with all this? The special contains scenes never seen before on television.

CategoríaDocumentary series
ClientLa Sexta
Year 2019