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Mozart and Salieri

This is the making-off of an unpublished event: Mozart and Salieri hall opera, with music by Nikolai Rimski-Karsakov, is inspired by the homonymous work of Aleksandr Pushkin. It was released in 1898 at the Solodovnikov Theater in Moscow. 200 years later, the auditorium of Juan March Foundation becomes a small theater. A behind-the-scenes metamorphosis that we gather in this video.

This is the seventh title of the Chamber Music Theater series developed by Juan March Foundation in co-production with Teatro de la Zarzuela. The musical direction is in charge of Borja Mariño, while Rita Cosentino takes the stage direction. The cast is made up of bass Ivo Stanchev and tenor Pablo García López, both imposing on stage with their respective roles of Salieri and Mozart. The play starts with a reflection about envy, but it also approaches other issues such as the question of art and creation.
“You Mozart, you are God, and you don’t know it yourself.” Pushkin conceives Salieri as a jealous man who is convinced of Mozart’s creative divinity. Tormented, he wonders again and again about that creature that seems to receive directly from God that extraordinary talent. There is debate between an infinite admiration for the music of his rival and an unusual violence and resentment motivated by the painful awareness that those chords can never be born from his own inspiration.

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Client Fundación Juan March

Year 2017