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Bezoya: the trip of the water

About: This web series explains the trip that natural mineral water experiences, from its filtration in the rocks of the mountain to its capture, bottling and transport to the point of sale. We went a step further by creating a multimedia site to navigate through the four chapters of the trip:
The origin: In addition to the video, we include an impressive 360 panorama of the peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama, the place of origin of Bezoya water.
The trip: Water is not manipulated at any time, there are no mechanical processes. Rain, mountains and gravity are the only forces involved in the process. We add an infographic of our own elaboration detailing the different phases of the process.
People: we focus on the workers involved in the different phases of the process.
You: distribution is key for Bezoya to arrive at your home. We show you the people after the process and the benefits of proper hydration.

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Client Bezoya

Year 2015