Project Description

360VR: A unique window to the life of Jordanian refugee camps 

International project used by the UNHCR chapters of South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

This is an immersive story in which the pedestrian has the opportunity to put himself in the shoes of a refugee: from fleeing from his home to the imminent threat of bombs until, once safely, he registers in the field and begins a new life.

The project has been a challenge from the technical and narrative point of view as we have sacrificed the neatness of the static or subtle movement video to try to convey the anxiety of escape and the security that a refugee experiences when he arrives at a camp. For 93 meters, it represents a further step in the constant exploration of the possibilities of this new language; a path we took more than seven years ago, when we began to experiment with 360 technology.

In 93 meters we believe in the power of stories and respect for their protagonists. With that delicacy, dedication and rigor we have addressed all possible angles of everyday life in refugee camps through virtual reality pills. 10 thematic videos make up this communication cycle that attempts to show how UNHCR’s work is and what the donations made by the partners are translated month by month.