Project Description

After months of development and work, thousands of kilometers of travel and hours of recording and assembly, we finally premiered ‘The Quest’, our new program for channel # 0 of Movistar +.

Remote and unexplored places, myths, legends, expeditions, trips and unique discoveries. In ‘The Quest’ we follow Diego Cortijo, a young Indiana Jones of the 21st century who devotes all the free time allowed by his profession, national policeman, to live his own adventure. Next to him we will discover corners of the planet that are not yet on the maps and we will see first hand how much is true in millenary legends. All this with the cinematographic aesthetic that characterizes the productions of 93 Meters and with a level of access worthy of other programs of the house, such as ‘Clandestino’ or ‘Life in flames’.

For the first time, a recording team will join Diego Cortijo on his expeditions. The result, four episodes that will try to shed new data around the myths of Paititi in Peru, Yonaguni in Japan, Xibalba in Mexico and Thule and the Viking route in Greenland. An adventure produced by Movistar + in collaboration with 93 Metros that opened the 11th of September 2017.

CategoryDocumentary series
Client Movistar+

Year 2018