‘The Agency’, a documentary for the 80th anniversary of EFE

5th February 2020

“EFE is always there” is the slogan chosen to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the EFE Agency. This project relaunches the Agency’s work and services in the world and focuses on its greatest wealth: its professionals and the daily task in all its delegations and correspondents.

EFE has relied on 93 Metros for the production of the documentary ‘The Agency’, axis of its 80th anniversary communication campaign. This work chronicles the work of EFE journalists worldwide, represented by several of their correspondents in Libya, Paris, Washington, Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo, China or Chilean Patagonia. These are some of the hottest information points on the planet, with cross-cutting issues as important as the climate crisis, the technological revolution or immigration.

A trip around the world to value the anonymous face of the Agency journalist, the importance of his presence and the cruciality of his permanence. Eight stories told in cinematic style, connected through several of today’s great informative themes, which show the international dimension of EFE and its guarantee of existence. A letter of introduction to clients, sponsors, press and the public.

With this documentary and the celebrations that accompany it, EFE wants to strengthen its position among the major international news agencies. This campaign will take Europe, the United States and Latin America to relaunch the world’s largest news agency in Spanish. The first act will take place on Wednesday, February 5 at the Caixa Forum in Madrid, at a big 80th birthday party.


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